1.) Single Sign On (SSO): We use SAML for SSO. Single Sign On is set up by working with an institution’s IT department so that Fundriver users can log on to Fundriver through other institutional systems.

2.) Northern Trust: Fundriver has a partnership with Northern Trust, a financial services company. When a client comes on board that has a relationship with Northern Trust, Fundriver can use a built-in utility to import investment data (either at the Investment Pool or Asset Manager level) from Northern Trust using a secure FTP site. Please contact Northern Trust for additional information.

Fundriver is a Blackbaud partner; this partnership is allowing us to build some new integrations with Financial Edge (FE) NXT!  Users will automate a daily data transfer between NXT and Fundriver.  The integrations with FE NXT are coming out in phases:

  1. Fund Profile data (expected release date 2/28/2019)
  2. GL Exports (expected release date unknown)
  3. Imports (expected release date unknown)

Automated Integration Options

The way Fundriver handles non-automated integrations is by building custom imports and exports. 

1.) Imports: Custom imports are created for clients that have a file (general ledger, bank, etc.) that they would like to upload directly into Fundriver. Transaction imports are the most common type, but other types are possible as well, including fund imports, manager investment activity imports, etc.  The client will manually upload this file into Fundriver.

2.) Exports: Custom exports are created for clients that have data in Fundriver that they would like extracted to upload directly into another system (general ledger is the most common). The most common exports Fundriver builds are for Distribution activity, Investment Allocations by GLID, Administrative Fees, and Investment Manager activity (if using our Investment Portfolio Module).  The client will generate the exports in the Fundriver software, save the file to their own server, and upload the file directly into their software manually. 

Alternatives to Automated Integration

Fundriver encourages product improvement suggestions from our clients!  We use this feedback to continuously develop the software.  At this time we do offer a few automated integrations! However, as of the date of this article, there are no plans for any other integrations.