The Non-Pooled Funds Module was developed to help clients track the balances of spendable funds within Fundriver, that are not part of the Endowment Pool. Funds within this module will not receive any investment earnings or allocations. Funds in this modules will not be unitized.

Funds tracked within this module are for informational purposes, and transactional activity can be entered at the fund level. A suite of reports will be available, including a Non-Pooled Fund Estimated Budget Report; a Non-Pooled Fund Activity Report with drill down showing the activity in the Non-Pooled Fund with the ability to drill down in to detail within certain fields; and a Non-Pooled Mapping Report that will show how or if a Non-Pooled Fund is linked to an Endowed Fund.

Cash in not effected within this module, and there is no periodic reconciliation process.

A Non-Pooled Fund can be linked to an Endowed Fund if desired. This link would allow the spending transaction created from the Endowed Fund to automatically be populated in the Non-Pooled Fund as revenue.

A Non-Pooled Fund can also be a stand-alone fund, with no Endowed link, and just used for tracking purposes.

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