The security of client data is a high priority here at Fundriver.  In order to enhance data security and bring practices in line with other organizations that deal with sensitive financial information, Fundriver is implementing a multi-factor authentication system when users log in to Fundriver.  This system is similar to what you may have experienced the first time you logged into your bank or investment account online.

Multi-factor authentication will require a user to complete additional verification steps the first time they log on from an unfamiliar (unregistered) computer or browser.  Once a user has logged in once, they should not be prompted again.

The steps below will walk you through the new process.

Follow the link below to view a short video that demonstrates how to log in using our new Multi-Factor Authentication process. 

Click here to view the video!

Log in to Fundriver as you normally would, by entering your user name and password. The first time you log on from a new computer or browser, you will be taken to a screen like this:

Enter a contact method for the authentication (email or cell phone number). You may enter more than one contact method, but it is not required.

Click SAVE when your contact information is complete.

Next you will choose where an authentication code will be sent.

Choose the email or phone number to which you would like your authentication code sent.  Click SEND CODE. Note that codes are valid for 10 minutes.

Retrieve the code from your email or device, and enter it on the verification screen.

You can click the "Register" option and name the device for quick access in the future.

Click CONTINUE once your code and registration information have been entered.

If more than 10 minutes have passed prior to log in, you can click the RESEND TOKEN button to have a new code sent.

Once verification has taken place, you will be directed to the Fundriver Home screen.

Changing your contact information

Users can change their contact information once logged into Fundriver.  Each user can only change his or her own contact information--system Adminstrators cannot reset, view or alter contact information.

Click on SUPPORT/SETTINGS > CONTACT INFORMATION to update your Multi-Factor Authentication contact data.

Please contact Fundriver Support if you have any questions about how to use Multi-Factor Authentication.