The security of client data is a high priority here at Fundriver.  In order to enhance data security and bring practices in line with other organizations that deal with sensitive financial information, Fundriver utilizes a multi-factor authentication system when users log in to Fundriver.  This system is similar to what you may have experienced the first time you logged into your bank or investment account online.

Multi-factor authentication will require a user to complete additional verification steps the first time they log on from an unfamiliar (unregistered) computer or browser.  Users will be prompted to log in once daily for each browser or device they are using.

*If your organization utilizes our Single Sign On setup, please disregard this update*

1. Enter your username and password. Select Login:

2. Next, you will be asked how you would like to receive a security code. Select either by email or via a text message. Depending on which method you select, you will need to validate your email or the last four digits of your phone number. Once validation is entered, select Get code:

If you choose email, please only enter the prefix of your email address in the verify box (up to but not including the @)

3. Once a code is received enter on the screen below and select Continue:

Users have five attempts to enter a correct code before being locked out. If locked out, please contact your Administrator at your organization.  

Changing your contact information

Users can change their contact information once logged into Fundriver.  Each user can only change his or her own contact information--system Administrators cannot reset, view or alter contact information.

Click on SUPPORT/SETTINGS > CONTACT INFORMATION to update your Multi-Factor Authentication contact data.

Please contact Fundriver Support if you have any questions about how to use Multi-Factor Authentication.