Answer: Yes. If you do wish to track your annuities using Fundriver, there are two ways to accomplish this. You can either set up a separate pool for the annuities, or you can have Fundriver Support create a separate database for them. There are some things to consider with each option.

If you choose to set up a separate pool within your current database, you will not have to log in to separately to view your annuities. However, you would only be able to close out the period in Fundriver for the annuity pool once the endowment pool is reconciled (and vice-versa).  This may be a concern for some organizations.

If you choose to set up a separate database for your annuities, you can reconcile as needed. Please note that if you are a Fundriver Basic client, you will need to upgrade to Fundriver Plus in order to have a second database. Please contact Support to discuss additional costs. Fundriver Plus and Fundriver Pro clients have the option to create an additional database at no additional charge.

Please note that Fundriver is only equipped to track the Market Value (which includes allocating earnings, fees) of the annuities. You also may need to post distributions manually each period, if they all don't fall within the same period to automate (or if you set up as a pool in your current database). Fundriver can be customized to automate the distributions for a fee. Please contact Support if this is something you would like to discuss.