Historical Data Definition:  Any fund values (market values and historical gift), activity (sum of all investment activity for specific post dates), or transactions (individual activity transactions applied to specific post dates) that exists for post dates prior to your start date in Fundriver.

As part of the set up fee charged at the beginning of the implementation process, clients are allowed to bring historical fund values, activity and transactions into Fundriver.  This is typically done using the Data Load Template at the same time a database is being established.

However, it is still possible to add historical data to a database after implementation has been closed.  If the standard format is followed and a Data Load Template is populated, Fundriver agents should be able to add this historical data for you free of charge.

Excessive reloads of data (3 or more) due to mistakes or breaking up data into separate Data Load Templates will incur a project fee.

Please contact support@fundriver.com for the most recent version of the Data Load Template.

Things to remember as you fill out the Data Load Template:

  • Only include funds that exist in Fundriver.  If you want to load history for funds that do not exist, those funds can be added via the bulk import tool.  Remember to also deactivate those funds in Fundriver so they do not appear on current reports. The system will not report that a GLID doesn’t exist in Fundriver.  It just ignores that history.

  • There can not be any formulas in the cells.  If there is a formula, the system will not pull in any value.

  • If it’s not populated on the template, the system will not do a calculation to include it. For example, on the Historical Data tab even though MV and unit price are included, the system will not calculate the units and input that into Fundriver.  The unit column must be completed as well.