Fundriver offers all new users a one-hour complimentary training session. The objective is to provide an overview of how to navigate the Fundriver site and explore basic site administration.  We will walk through the process of posting transactions in Fundriver and educate users on reporting options. Below is our standard agenda for this meeting. 

If you are interested, please contact Fundriver support at

5 min. 
Overview of home page 
  • Helpful Links 
  • How to access Fundriver Knowledge Base 
25 min. 
Walk through of profile data and overall site navigation 
  • How to setup users and explain the standard user types 
  • How fund data is organized 
  • Review Fund Categories 
  • Assign funds to new FASB restrictions and run ASU 2016-14 reports (if applicable) 
  • Show investment pool tab to provide higher level snapshot of pools in client database 
20 min. 
Walk through posting transactions
  • Walk through of posting process 
  • Point client to “Checklist for posting transaction and investment activity” 
  • Adding fund level transactions 
  • Entering investment activity
5 min. 
Overview of reports available 
  • General folders 
  • Show client “Save as Frequently Used Report” option 
  • User-defined options
5 min. 
Wrap up and client questions 
  • Future needs; how to access support