When implementing the Department Module, most clients will have many department users to upload into the database as an initial import.  This is something Fundriver’s Support Team can assist with.  

Clients can assign department users to funds based on 3 specific fields in Fundriver (Department, Campus, or Secondary Category) or on an individual fund by fund basis.  The department user will be able to see all GLIDs under those fund categories to which they are assigned.  

Note:  Fundriver Support will upload 1 file at no charge.  Any additional uploads may be billable.  Check with our Support Team for details.

If these fields were relabeled during the implementation process, the updated label will be shown on the screen shown below.  

Fundriver has an excel template for clients to prepare in order for Fundriver’s Support Team to upload the department users into the database.  The template can be found here: Department User Set Up Template

The first tab (User List) is where you will enter ALL the department users’ main information for setting up their user account.  The columns highlighted yellow are required fields.  If you want the department user to have access to view all GLIDs in the Department Module, mark the field “All Access” as YES.  If the user will not have all access, leave that field blank.  You will be able to assign those users to specific GLIDs or specific Departments/Campuses/SecondaryCategory, etc. from the additional tabs.

If you are assigning your users based on Departments assigned to GLIDs in Fundriver, you will complete the 2 blue tabs labeled Department List and Access by Department.  

You will complete the Department List tab by finding all your departments listed under Organize/Fund Categories in Fundriver.  This listing is what needs to be populated on this tab.  

The order does not matter on this tab.  

Note:  Contact support@fundriver.com for a listing in excel if your list is greater than 10.  A programmer can pull this data into excel for you, so you do not manually have to add to this tab.

Next you will need to complete the Access by Department tab for those users that will be assigned to GLIDs based on Departments.  The Department must exist on the Department List tab or you will get an error.  If a user has access to 2 or more departments, you must add a separate row per department for that user (see sample below).  


The Campus List and Access by Campus tabs (in pink) and the Secondary Category List and Access by Secondary Cat tabs (in green) follow the same logic as the Department List and Access by Department.  If a client decides to assign GLIDs based on Campus or based on the Secondary Category field, they would fill those tabs in accordingly.


The final tab on this template is the Access by Fund tab (in orange).  This tab will be used if clients would like to assign department users on a fund by fund basis based on GLIDs in Fundriver.  A department user can be listed just once or more than once on this tab.

Internal note to Fundriver Support:  The automated import process currently only allows for the User List, Department List, Access by Department, and Access by Fund tabs on the file.  A request has been placed with the programmers to allow the other tabs.  If the other tabs are completed and requested by clients to be uploaded, this must go to a programmer for updating.