Release Notes (November 2016)

Fundriver has released a few minor updates to enhance the user experience. This document provides screen shots along with a few notes on each item. If you have any enhancements that you would like to us to consider for future releases, please send them via the Knowledge Base Community that can be found here.  

Common Tasks. The layout and text has been redesigned (contributed by Fundriver Support Specialist, Megan Page).  

Standard Transaction Types. We have renamed 2 standard transaction types in Fundriver. HG/Cash Transfer and Non Cash Principal Transfer will now be referred to respectively as Cash Historical Gift Transfer and Non Cash Historical Gift Transfer. Note for clients that enter Activity using the Standard Transaction Import: An updated version of the import file can be found in the Knowledge Base here.

Copy From Excel. Changed text to “Copy and Paste From Excel”, was previously “Import Transactions from Excel”

Required Fields. All fields that are required prior to saving/adding are now indicated with an asterisk *. 

Support/Settings->Role Manager. Added buttons Edit and Delete. Client Administrators will be able to Edit Role Names and Delete Roles that they have created (Note: limited to Client Administrators and Clients that have the Add on Module and/or Pro Clients.)