Step by step instructions for adding a new user in Fundriver application, as well as configuring new user roles are found below.

1. Go to Support/Settings in the blue bar

2. Click on Users


3. Click on the green "Add." Fill out form, including creation of password.


4. Select User Type.


Client Administrator: Can add/edit information in Fundriver, run reports and set up and modify user information.

Client User: Can add/edit information in Fundriver and run reports.

Report Only: Can only run reports in Fundriver.  They do not have view or edit access for any other tabs.

Read Only Access: Can view tabs and reports in Fundriver but cannot make any edits to information.

5. Click the box that requires users to change their password.


6. Click Save.

7. An automatic email will be sent to the new user when you click the "save" button. This will notify them that a user has been set up for them. You will need to provide them the temporary password that you created and the login address (