Clients are able to send batches of documents for Fundriver to upload and attach to specific funds.  Following are instructions for preparing files for batch upload.

1. Before fund documents can be added to Fundriver, DOCUMENT CATEGORIES need to be created.  Navigate to ORGANIZE > DOCUMENT CATEGORIES and click the ADD ITEM button to add new categories.

2. It is preferred that all documents are saved in the same format (i.e. PDF). Allow extra time if files are in different formats.

Accepted file types include:  PDF, Word, Excel, Text.  Others may be possible; check with Fundriver Support to verify.

3. Files need to be saved with the GLID as the first part of the naming convention. The preferred convention is GLID_<Description>, but as long as the GLID is first and followed by a separator character (period, underscore, dash, etc.) Fundriver will be able to extract it.

4. Group the files into folders that match the names of your DOCUMENT CATEGORIES (i.e. Gift Agreements, Stewardship Reports, etc.--whatever names you set up in Step 1).

5. If you are able, save folders on a Zip drive and send to Fundriver via a ticket or email.  If the files are too large, save on a DVD or thumb drive and send to Fundriver via US Mail at:  

Fundriver, Inc. PO Box 42370, Cincinnati, OH 45242

FTP options are also available--check with your IT security team to see if this type of data exchange is permissable.

* Please contact if you are mailing your files to be uploaded.

Please allow for a week after the files are received for them to be uploaded into Fundriver.