*Effective 11/1/2021- Award Module is no longer being offered as an add on module. If you are interested in learning more about how Fundriver can help you track scholarship awards and recipients, check out Fundriver Impact*

Although it was not originally designed for it, the Award Module in Fundriver can track payments made from institutionally-held donor advised funds to individuals or organizations.  The set up and maintenance of this system is very similar to that of tracking scholarship recipients.  The only difference is that student information, such as GPA, Major, etc. is not included.

The recipients and disbursements can be set up manually or using an AWARD IMPORT.  If you are setting them up manually, the RECIPIENT needs to be added first and then the disbursement/award.

For Import Instructions: Go to AWARDS/RECIPIENTS > INSTRUCTIONS.

For populating the Import template: Required fields are in red, although for populating the ORGANIZATION tab in the AWARD MODULE, you will need to fill in LAST NAME as well.

The LAST NAME field maps to ORGANIZATION in the AWARD MODULE.  If you also include a FIRST NAME, the entry will populate on the INDIVIDUAL RECIPIENT tab.

Include address information if you need it for donor reporting.

There are also two user-defined fields that can be used to track additional information of the client's choice.

GLID, AWARD DATE, and AWARD TYPE are required fields.  If you are adding new AWARD TYPES to the AWARD MODULE using the template, entries on the template will automatically be created when the import is processed.

For Manual Entry:  Go to AWARDS / RECIPIENTS > RECIPIENTS > click the green ADD button.

If the disbursement is to an individual, fill out the NAME and STUDENT ID fields (required) for each recipient.  The other fields are optional.  Click SAVE.  Repeat this process for all RECIPIENTS.

If the recipient is an organization, fill out the ORGANIZATION tab (fields circled in red are required). You can populate the TYPE field by clicking the green ADD button. Click SAVE. Repeat this process for all RECIPIENTS.

Once a recipient has been added, an award can be attached to that recipient. Choose the FUND, RECIPIENT, AMOUNT, AWARD DATE, and TYPE.

AWARD TYPES can be added by clicking on the green ADD button. Click SAVE. Repeat for all disbursements/awards.

Navigate to AWARDS > SEARCH to look at the data and verify its accuracy. Data can also be edited on this screen.

It is important to note that any edits made in the AWARD MODULE will not affect any financial, transactional or investment information entered for an endowment.