FAQ: Can the Support Team add additional fields to existing reports?


Sometimes!  This all depends on the type of report and/or data source used to build the report.  


If the change is requested to one of our Standard Reports, then a custom template will need to be created to house that change (thus changing it into a custom report).   Fundriver typically bills for the creation of custom reports, unless your change is something we think we should roll out to the entire client base.


If you are requesting a minor change to an existing Custom Report, this can usually be accommodated with no charge. Extensive changes (more than adding a new field or two), would be considered billable.


If you are requesting a field be added to a User-Defined Report, this can usually be accommodated!   Sometimes, depending on format, we can recreate standard reports (with additional fields) as UDRs and avoid creating a custom report.  Speak with the Fundriver Support team to explore your reporting options!

FAQ: Why can't I edit all of the reports in my database under the User Defined Reporting section?


Only reports that were built in UDR Tool can be edited there.  Standard or Custom reports that need modification have to be handled through the Support team.

Definition: Data Set or Data Source


A Data Set, commonly called Data Source, is a group of fields that is assembled to build User Defined reports.  There are standard data sources as well as custom; this can vary by database.  There is no limit to the number of reports that can be built off of each data source.  


The creation of a custom data source is typically considered a billable project if source creation will take a programmer longer than an hour to pull together.


Definition: Standard Reports vs. Custom Reports vs. User Defined Reports


Standard Reports - these are reports that are built on set templates and available in all databases.


Custom Reports - these reports are typically specific to each client and often times billable projects.


User Defined Reports - these reports are built directly in the client database and often times are not billable, however they do have certain limitations over custom reports.