Clients using Single Sign On (SSO) can bookmark (or 'favorite') their Fundriver site for easy access. We recommend bookmarking the original URL link Fundriver Support provides you initially. Often times when you click the SSO URL, the site will get redirected and bookmarking the redirected site will not work in the future! Below are steps to save the original Fundriver link as a bookmark. 

Google Chrome

  1. Select the three ellipses to the right of the URL box
  2. Go to Bookmarks > Bookmark manager 
  3. Choose the three ellipses again, and select Add new Bookmark
  4. Give your SSO a naming convention and copy and paste the link provided by Fundriver in the URL box. Save!

Mozilla Firefox

  1. To bookmark your page, go to your SSO link and select the star in the address bar:
    The star will turn blue when the page is bookmarked and a window will pop up so you can name, move or tag your bookmark. 
    2.  Next, you will need to edit your recently added bookmark To do so, click the bookmarks icon to the right of the browser address bar. Click the “Bookmarks” link. 
    You can edit bookmarks in the “Recent Bookmarks” section by right-clicking a bookmark. Then click the “Properties” link. An editing window will open. Update the Location field with YOUR original SSO link provided by Fundriver and click the “Save” button.

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and enter Ctrl + D to open the Edit favorites. Select More. 
  2. Give your SSO site a naming convention and copy and paste the SSO link provided by Fundriver Support. Save. 

IE (Internet Explorer)

  1. Select the star from the upper-right corner of Internet Explorer. In the new window that appears, select Add to favorites.
  2. Name your SSO bookmark and choose where to save the favorite by selecting the menu next to Create in. Select Add to make the new favorite.
  3. Next, you will need to edit the URL address. To do so, select the star and right-click the recently added favorite. Go to Properties. You'll see the bookmark's URL in the Web Document tab; change it to the original SSO link provided by Fundriver. Select Apply.