Fundriver’s new Spending Interface allows for the option of assigning a Secondary Spending Rule to funds, which is otherwise known as a Supplemental Distribution. This feature allows funds to be assigned to two spending rules at the same time, but the client can choose which rule to use during the posting of Distributions.

One off - One fund needs special distribution

Set of funds get distribution - All unrestricted funds, for example

All funds get supplemental - Board mandated

To create a Secondary Spending rule, you will need to first set up a new Spending Rule under the Spending Rules tab that applies to the Secondary Rule you want to apply to the funds.


Note:  If the Supplemental Distribution is to sell units instead of adjusting unit price (for those clients whose Distributions adjust unit price), please contact Support.  Fundriver can create a new Distribution Transaction Type that sells units to accommodate this. 

Once the Secondary Rule is set up, you must go to the ASSIGN SECONDARY RULES tab, select the SECONDARY SPENDING RULE that is to be used and assign the funds to this rule.

To do so, highlight funds on the left to which you would like to apply the rule.  Move them to the right box by clicking the arrow button.  Once moved over, the funds are assigned.


When you are ready to post the Supplemental Distribution, go to ACTIVITY > DISTRIBUTE, and CREATE DISTRIBUTIONS for the Secondary Spending Rule.

This will only calculate the Proportionate amount that was set up previously and post only to those funds that are assigned to the Secondary Spending Rule.