During the posting process, Fundriver allocates the investment activity for the period back to the individual funds based on the number of units each fund holds in the investment pool at that time.  See instructions below to help guide you through posting in Fundriver.  If you have any issues posting or need assistance resolving Due To/Due From issues, please contact Fundriver Support.


Once you have completed those steps, click on ACTIVITY > INVESTMENT ACTIVITY. 

Investment activity needs to be entered for each investment pool before you can close the period. Select the investment pool you want to work on from the INVESTMENT POOL drop down box.

You will then need to populate investment activity for the accounting period you are working in, using numbers from your investment manager statement(s). Once you have entered the investment activity select the RECONCILE button and Fundriver will perform a net cash flow reconciliation, taking into account the investment activity that was entered in addition to any transactions that were entered for that accounting period.

If you have the Investment Portfolio Module, instead of entering investment information at the pool level, you will enter and reconcile it for each manager statement.  The process is the same, but enter information from each of the custody statements individually.

The Capital Calls & Returned Capital fields apply to alternative asset types and flow into the outstanding capital balance reports. The Net Cash Flow represents any other contributions or distributions from the holding.

When you click SAVE VALUES the program will run a manager reconciliation.  

Each holding is reconciled individually. Fundriver adds the values of all holdings (managers) by pool which them flows into the pool-level reconciliation. Technically, the holdings do not have to reconcile on an individual basis as long as the pool reconciles.

Use the manager reconciliation report in the Portfolio Level Reports section to view the rollup of all of the mangers and activity. The values from the grand total line of the report are the values that go into the pool-level reconciliation.

Reconciliation at the manager level shown below.

Once all of the manager information is entered, the values will roll up to the show a pool-level view on the POST tab.

You will not be able to close the accounting period until everything reconciles to -0- on the POST tab. Once everything is reconciled you can close the accounting period by selecting the POST PERIOD button.

Reconciliation Issues: Most reconciliation issues (not all) are the result of timing issues with cash flow. These are referred to as “Due to/Due from” issues. There are two ways to handle Due to/Due from issues in Fundriver and the best option available depends upon if you enter investment activity at the investment pool level or you enter investment activity at the investment manager level. Please contact Fundriver Support (support@fundriver.com) for help handling any due to/from issues in Fundriver or refer to the Due To/Due From training articles in the Fundriver Knowledge Base.