Many organizations are interested in having their Fundriver Department Module site look and feel like an extension of their institution's website.  The 2019 release of the Department Module allows for custom branding options.  Set up fees may be incurred depending on the type and scope of the customizations applied.  See the below list for custom options and pricing.

Logo Only

This is included in the basic Department Module set up fee.

Custom Welcome Email

A standard welcome email will be automatically sent to Department Users added via the Fundriver application or loaded in bulk during the implementation process. This is included in the basic Department Module set up fee.  If you would like to customize the welcome email there will be a flat programming charge of $250. To view the Standard Department Access welcome email see this article:

January 2019 Release Notes

Fund Summary Page

Three standard versions of the Fund Summary Page are available as part of the standard Department Module set up fee.  This page is report driven, and therefore can be customized based on your preferences and information needs.  Any report customizations are billed at Fundriver's hourly rate.

Bulk Department User Uploads

During initial set up, a bulk list of Department Users can be added by Fundriver agents and an initial email will be sent out to the whole group.  If you think you will be doing multiple bulk user uploads and would like welcome emails sent to each separate bulk group, this would be considered a customization.  Please discuss options with your Fundriver agent.  Any user set up through the main Fundriver application will automatically receive a welcome email.

Summary of Customization Options

Color Scheme and Branding:  $500 (basic; additional customization may incur additional charges, see ""Color Scheme and Logo" section above)
Custom Welcome Email:  $250
Custom Fund Summary:  Hourly fee based on report specifications
Emails for Multiple Bulk Uploads: Hourly fee based on scope