Welcome Department User!  This guide will help you navigate through your Department Module site.  Should you have any questions, please contact your organization’s Balance Administrator.

When you first select your user website to access the Department Module, you will come to a log-in screen.  Single Sign On Department Users will bypass this screen.

Your Organization’s Balance Administrator will be listed at the bottom of this screen along with their contact information.

Enter your user name and password to log in.  


When you first enter the Department Module, you will land on your Home screen.  Your organization may update this content periodically.  The menu bar is located on the left side of the screen.  

To view the funds you have access to, select the Funds menu on the left.  If you are searching for a fund and can’t view it, please contact your Balance Administrator.

You can drill into any fund to get more detail on that fund.  From this screen you can either “Print Summary” to generate a printable report or you can Return to Funds List to go back to the previous screen.

To run reports for your funds to get additional details, select the Reports menu on the left. Reports might be categorized based on type of report into subfolders.  Select the subfolder that contains the report you would like to view.

Select the report you would like to see, select the date or date range you would like, and select the Run Report button.  You can also group by certain fields determined by your Balance Administrator.

(Note:  If there’s an additional report you would like to see, contact your Balance Administrator to see if this report is an option for you.)

The report will generate in a separate window.  The top menu bar on this report gives you the option to scroll through multiple pages (if the report is large), search for key words, print or export to PDF, Excel, or Word.  

Your Balance Administrator may give you the option to subscribe to reports.  This set-up is at your Balance Administrator’s discretion.  If you see a Subscribe button on the reports screen, this functionality is available to you.  This feature enables Balance users to automatically send reports to you as a Department User via email once they have completed their month-end processing, or at any time at their discretion.  

If you would like to subscribe to a report, select the Subscribe button and complete the fields below and Save.  

Email Note:  This is the note that will appear in the system-generated email to you.

Report Frequency:  How often would you like to receive this report?

Reporting Period:  Would you like this report for just the most recent month (Monthly), the most recent 3 months (Quarterly), the Calendar Year, Fiscal Year to Date, or Month to Date?

Format:  Would you like this report in PDF, Excel, or Word?

Select Month:  If you selected Month to Date as the Reporting Period, this tells the system what month to use at the starting month.  

Show All Funds:  This currently doesn’t have any functionality.  To be removed at a later date.


To view all reports that you have subscribed to, go to the Manage Subscriptions menu on the left.  From this screen you can Unsubscribe to any report you may not need anymore by selecting the “Unsubscribe” command.

To view any reports that your Balance Administrator has generated once their close process is complete, you may view the report from the link in the email you receive, or you may view the report under the Subscribed Reports menu.  

If you have any edits to make to your subscribed reports, you have 2 options:

  • Delete the report subscription under the Manage Subscriptions menu and recreate the report subscription with the revised criteria.
  • Contact your Balance Administrator.  They can make edits to your current report subscriptions.

If you need to update your password for any reason, select the Change Password menu on the left and update.  This does not apply to Single Sign On Department Users.