The Investment Portfolio Module was designed to assist clients that need to organize and reconcile multiple investment statements. The module features the following:
  • A simple way to organize funds
  • Ability to track alternative investments
  • Enhanced reports

The article below showcases some of the most valuable features of the Investment Portfolio Module.  If you are interested in adding this feature, contact Fundriver Support!

Switching from pool-level management to the Investment Portfolio Module is easy and can be done with the click of a button.  

You provide your manager data in an excel template; we upload your manager data for you. You can also manually add managers as your organization begins investing with them.

Each manager record contains information on investment type, custodian name, and other data that is helpful for your reporting purposes.

You can also choose to classify a manager as a Due-to Due-From account.  When you switch to the manager module, any Due to- Due-from funds that exist will need to be inactivated.

In the DOCUMENTS tab, you can store important documents related to each manager, such as statements or other important paperwork. Multiple file formats are supported, including Word, Excel and PDF.

In the IP History tab, you can see balances and activity by posting period for each manager.

Investment activity can be entered directly from your statements on the MANAGER DATA ENTRY tab.

An import feature is also available if you would prefer to import all manager activity at one time using an Excel template.  If you are interested in having the Investment Portfolio import added to your database, please speak with your Support Specialist.

Each manager is entered separately and then reconciled.

Reconciliation view.

On the POST tab, the reconciled manager data is rolled up to a pool-level view. When everything ties, the period can be posted.

Upgrading to the Investment Portfolio module opens up a new suite of detailed, portfolio-level reports.

For example, the Manager and Investment Pool Reconciliation report allows you to see a big picture view of each manager (or custodian)'s investment activity.