The Awards/Recipients module is designed to help clients track scholarship and award recipients. It is also designed to help support reporting for donor advised funds. The information from this module flows into the stewardship reports. This article walks you through the module and shows you how to access some standard reports.

Here are the import instructions for the Awards Module.

To access the module, click on the AWARDS/RECIPIENTS tab.

In the AWARDS section, organizations can add scholarship recipients and tie them to specific funds. You can track amounts granted, award dates, and type of award.

Clicking on the green ADD button on this screen will allow you to add tables to your AWARD TYPE drop down menu, such as Scholarship, Grant, etc.

To assign an award to a recipient, fill out all of the fields and SAVE the record.

You can use the magnifying glass to search for the fund that will be paying for the award.

By clicking on the RECIPIENTS TAB, you can add new award recipient detail or review existing recipient records. Choose a recipient from the drop down menu or click ADD.

The RECIPIENTS tab contains fields that can be customized and used for donor reporting and organization's specific tracking purposes.
Using the SEARCH BY FUND tab, you can find a list of individuals who have received awards from a particular fund. You can also edit or delete those recipients.

Using the SEARCH BY RECIPIENT tab, you can find all awards that a particular recipient has received. You can also edit or delete those awards.

If you have a large amount of award information to add to Fundriver, an IMPORT feature is available.  The IMPORT template is available via a link on the Instructions tab (or can be found here).

On the template, the columns in red are required fields.

The import process uses the standard import process and records can be deleted using the Activity > Transactions > File Maintenance.

The award recipient import can be loaded into Fundriver by navigating to ACTIVITY > TRANSACTION ENTRY > GL IMPORT and choosing the Import Type of AWARDS IMPORT.

There are several standard reports available that display award/recipient information. Click on REPORTS > AWARD to view.

The AWARD RECIPIENT REPORT shows all recipients within a given time frame for all funds. This report groups by fund and provides totals awarded from each fund for that time period.

The DONOR REPORT WITH AWARD DETAIL FOR ALL FUNDS is also run using date parameters. Each fund displays on its own page, and contains market value, withdrawals, transfers, and other fund details.

If a fund use restriction is stored within Fundriver, it will display on the top of the report.
Under REPORTS > STEWARDSHIP there is also a DONOR REPORT available that provides overall fund information, including the fund purpose, but does not list individual recipients.

If you have questions on the Awards/Recipients module or would like to schedule a personalized walk through of the tool, please contact Fundriver support.