The Department Module was developed to give an organization read-only access to specific funds, usually related to their departments. The department site runs parallel to the Fundriver admin site. Department site users will have access to fund information and reports for closed periods on the admin site. (i.e. if periods have been reconciled and posted through 12/31/19- department site users will be able to run reports and view fund information through 12/31/19). Each institution can set up Department Module access for any individual they want (such as donors, advancement office staff, department heads, etc.).  

The article below covers commonly asked questions on the Department Module. Check out this webinar recording where we walk through the changes and talk about upgrade options! 

When will the NEW Department Module be ready in production? 

The NEW Department Module is ready for production now!

When will the Expendable Funds Module integration with the Department Module be ready for production?

This integration is ready for production!

What is different in the NEW module?

The New Department Module has an updated look and feel that mirrors the current administrator site. The new module also provides improved reporting and customization options!

What customization are available? 

Many organizations are interested in having their Fundriver Department Module site look and feel like an extension of their institution's website.  The 2019 release of the Department Module allows for custom branding options. To learn more about customizations check out this article.

Can I add my logo to the Department Site?

Yes! This is included in the basic Department Module set up fee.

Is there a cost for the Department Module?

Yes. The Department Module is an add on. Contact Fundriver Support to find out more.

How do users gain access to the department site?

Client Administrator(s) control who has access to the Department Site.  The Department Module access is READ ONLY for all users.

How do I set up users?

Setting up users is easy! You can add users one at a time or do a bulk upload. For more information on setting up users click here

How do new users log on? 

Once an administrator creates an account, the new user will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to log in. This welcome email is also customizable.

How will the NEW Department Module impact my database if I already have the Department Module?

Each database will need to be transitioned individually.  We will place each request on a wait list and work through every client individually to ensure a seamless transition.  

You mentioned reports, what's new there? 

Two new audit reports are available:

NEW Fund Summary page display options

Fundriver provides three display options for the Fund Summary page. Check out examples here.

Anything else I should know?

If you are interested in adding the Department Module or converting your old Department Site to the new Department site reach out to Fundriver support, We will place each request on a wait list and work through every client individually to ensure a seamless transition.