Note: January 2019 Fundriver deployed updates to the Department Module!  Check out these release notes for complete details.

The Department Module was developed to give organization administrators read-only access to specific funds, usually related to their departments.  Each institution can set up Department Module access for any individual they want (such as donors, advancement office staff, department heads, etc.).  

The article below is a walk through of the Department Module and its primary features.  Contact your Support representative to schedule a demo today!

Single Sign On Clients: Please note, the User Name for Department Users needs to be the same as the User Name for the Single Sign On setup.  Please contact for further clarification.

The Client Administrator(s) controls who has access to information in Fundriver. The Department Module access is READ ONLY.

Setting up users is easy! The program can auto generate a password and email the user on your behalf.
If the AUTOMATIC EMAIL selection is chosen, the newly-created Department user will receive an email with a link to reset their password.

The Client Administrator can allow view only access to all funds or...

Choose certain access levels by Department...

Fund type...

If you have renamed some of these grouping fields within the Fundriver application, your custom field name will be what displays in each tab.


Or by individual fund.

Additional settings options are available on the ACCESS SETTINGS tab. The Client Administrator can force strong passwords, require frequent password changes, and the contact information for whom the Department Users should reach out to (if there are any issues or questions).
From the Access Settings tab, click the Password Settings tab to expand the accordion section:
Click the Department Site Settings tab to expand the next accordion section:

Client Administrators can also create a user-specific login screen message and allow the user to subscribe to reports. In the DOCUMENT VISIBILITY section, the types of documents listed will be based on the categories your organization has set up on the Fund Profile.

"Subscribe to Reports" pushes out automatic emails to department users and links them to the report in Fundriver. If a period is re-opened and posted, the department user will be notified of changes.

Click the Department Site Settings tab to expand the next accordion section:

Click the hyperlinks to display the audit reports available in this section.
On the REPORTS tab, you can select the Fundriver reports you would like the Department user to see.

On the DEPARTMENT USERS tab, you can view the reports to which a Department User is subscribed.

Once the Department User has been set up, they are able to log in to the Department site. The Department Site can be customized with an institution's logo. The following screens will show what their access will look like.

This screen can be customized with your organization's logo, if desired.

Once logged in, the Department User will see four tabs: SUMMARY, REPORTS, CHANGE PASSWORD, and LOGOUT. If the user has been granted report subscription access, they will see two additional tabs: MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS and SUBSCRIBED REPORTS. The FUND SUMMARY screen will allow them to see basic market value of a specific fund, as well as Fund Profile information.

The only funds listed in the drop down will be ones assigned to the user during the set up process.

The information available for viewing is in real time and will contain the most recently posted data.

Below is what it will look like to the Department User that has been given rights to a report subscription. The MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS and SUBSCRIBED REPORTS tabs will appear. Users not granted subscription access will not see these tabs.
The MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS tab lists all reports that are available to subscribers. The Department User can choose to unsubscribe by clicking in the EDIT COMMAND column.

All reports the Department User has subscribed to will appear in the SUBSCRIBED REPORTS tab. Historical reports remain available for reference.

Clicking on the REPORTS tab will show the report categories available to the Department User. These are determined by a Fundriver Administrator in the Department Access set up.

It's easy for Department Users to run their own reports.

The Department Users reports will only display information about funds assigned to them during the user set up process.

Reports can be exported into PDF or Excel so that the user can email or modify them.