Some organizations may need to change endowment fund information in bulk due to an institutional change of accounts or a conversion to a new General Ledger system. Depending on the level of customization in your database, there may be a significant amount of work involved in making sure your data changes flow through all of your reports, imports, exports and customized functionality.  

In order to determine the impact of an account/GL change to your Fundriver database, programmers must do a comprehensive review of your database and determine where adjustments are needed.

Any information you can provide up front, such as what fields will be changing in Fundriver, is helpful in determining overall cost. Some updates can be done by the client within the user interface, and will not incur a cost. Other updates, such as changing GLIDs and export processing, will need to be handled by a programmer.

Please allow 2-4 weeks (unless otherwise specified) for your conversion to be completed. If faster turn around times are needed, client will be charged at a RUSH rate (see below). 

If the request only involves GLID # changes (no other fields) and a cursory review shows no customizations, imports or exports that need to be addressed, Fundriver may be able to complete the update free of charge. Please check with your Endowment Accounting Specialist to see if your request qualifies.

Fund information is attached to ENDOWMENT KEYS on the back end, so changes to GLIDs will not impact fund history or transaction history.

Initial Conversion Cost

A 5-hour minimum charge will include:
  • Analysis of database and current customizations, imports, exports and reports that may be impacted
  • 1 hour of meeting/consulting time with one of Fundriver's experts
  • Creation of a test environment and set up of client user accounts
  • Update of GLIDs in your Fundriver Database


RUSH RATE: $255/hr

Items that Can Be Handled By Client

Some updates may be completed in the client user interface, such as:
  • Changes to Fund Profile fields other than GLID, such as Destination IDs (using Bulk Import)
  • Changes to User-Defined Reports that are needed due to changing accounts (example: Filtering on specific GLIDs will need to be changed to reflect the new GLIDs)

Additional Possible Charges

Fundriver charges $225/hour ($255 for RUSH) for consulting and programming services.  Conversion items that could incur additional charges include:

  • Changes to any fields other than GLIDs in your database
  • Updates to distribution rules based on changes to Destination IDs
  • Changes to imports and/or exports based on account/GL changes
  • Changes to custom reports based on account/GL changes
  • Changes to customized processing in your database based on account/GL changes
  • Updates to reports based on account/GL changes
  • Any items that clients are able to do within the interface but choose to have Fundriver complete on their behalf
  • Any other work outside of the scope of what is outlined in the Initial Conversion Cost

Statement of Work

A Statement of Work (SOW), which is a contract Fundriver provides to the client outlining the scope and cost estimate for the project, will be provided before work on the conversion can begin. The SOW will include the initial 5 hours plus any additional hours deemed necessary during the assessment.

Contact Fundriver Support at if you have any questions about the GL conversion process or if you want to start your organization's conversion project.