To view a demo of NXT Integration, please see this video!


Fundriver now has an integration with Blackbaud’s Financial Edge NXT! Currently we have released Phase I of the integration.


The NXT Integration is a one-way sync to Fundriver. Fundriver will map any NXT Project fields contained within General, Primary Reporting Categories, and Custom Fields to Fundriver’s Fund Profile fields. 


The integration, once authorized by the client, is set to run nightly for Projects that have been created or updated in NXT. In addition, clients have the option to manually update Funds for real time changes.


If a client updates Projects in NXT that already exist in Fundriver, those changes will also feed over automatically. No further action is needed as long as those fund categories exist in Fundriver. An example of an update to an already existing fund, would be updating a department field. 



Fundriver offers an Add Fund History report that can be run to view what funds have been added to your database. 


In addition, the Fund Changes report, shows changes made to any Fund Profile via the NXT Integration.