*As of July 2021 we no longer offer an integration with NXT as a standard module.  If you are a current Fundriver Balance client and need more information, please reach out to support@fundriver.com*

1. An administrator must log into Financial Edge. Go to Control panel > Applications. Click Add Application. Enter the Fundriver provided Application ID and hit Save. Administrator should receive the below message:

2. Next, a Fundriver Administrator or Client User will log into Fundriver and navigate to the NXT Integration page, found under Organize. Verify Fundriver Fields are the appropriate fields to map from NXT.

3. Hit the Authorize button. This will direct the user to the NXT Authorization URL to grant access to the Fundriver Application.

Select Authorize on the above screen. This will run the initial data pull over. Once complete you will receive an Authorize Completed Successfully message.

4. Lastly select the Report-Unmatched Funds button. Verify funds on this report should NOT be mapped to Fundriver. If you are having ALL funds mapped to Fundriver, this report should be blank. If funds appear on this report that SHOULD be integrated with Fundriver you need to go back into Financial Edge and change a setting for that fund.  

5. If you needed to make changes in NXT, you can then go back into Fundriver and hit the Update button on the NXT Integration page. This updates Fundriver in real time for any NXT changes.

If you have any questions, please contact your Fundriver support agent or our help desk at Support@Fundriver.com.