Several years ago, Fundriver changed the content and layout of the Manager Module. The new module is now referred to as Investment Portfolio Module. To date, many clients have not transitioned over to the new format and are still working within the old framework.  

For the most part, the changes that were made removed under utilized fields and added fields that clients were requesting. There should be very little impact to clients that choose to update to the new Investment Portfolio Module.

The purpose of this article is to show the differences between the two modules so that clients can make an educated decision about whether they would like to upgrade to the new format.

The new Investment Portfolio Module screen is shown below.  Fields highlighted in yellow indicate fields that were added since the previous version.


In the new version, drop down entries are added simply by clicking on the green ADD buttons.  No separate table management screen is used.

The old Manager Module is accessed through the INVESTMENT MANAGERS tab.
With the old Manager Module, drop downs had to be populated through the MANAGER CATEGORIES tab.

The highlights shown below indicate fields which are no longer available in the updated version.

The GLID shown below corresponds with the Manager GLID in the new version.  Accrued Income/Expense ID are not available in the new module.

The Accrued Income/Expense ID fields were rarely used by clients, which is why they did not migrate to the new version.

Please speak with a Fundriver Support person if you are unsure how upgrading to the new Investment Portfolio Module may affect your Manager data entry.