Transaction Categories Defined 


The Transaction History screen found under ORGANIZE > FUNDS, allows users to search on five different transactions categories at the individual fund level: Gifts, Distributions, Transfers, Expenses and Other 



Below is a guide of how Fundriver transactions map to these five categories.  



  • Expendable Gift 

  • Expendable Pledge Payment 

  • Gift 

  • Pledge Payment 



  • Distribution 

  • Spending Bucket Transfer 



  • Book Value Transfer In 

  • Book value Transfer Out 

  • Cash Historical Gift Transfer 

  • Due To/Due From Transfer 

  • Expendable Gift Transfer 

  • Expendable Initial Balance 

  • Expendable Transfer 

  • External Transfer In 

  • External Transfer Out 

  • Income to Principal 

  • Internal Book Value Transfer 

  • Internal Transfer 

  • Misc. Transfer 

  • Non-Cash Historical Gift Transfer 

  • Non-Unitized Asset Transfer 


  • Administrative Fees 

  • Expendable Other Expense 

  • Expendable Salary & Benefits 

  • Expendable Scholarship & Award 

  • Expense 



  • Expendable Revenue  

  • Income (manually posted) 

  • Investment Fees (manually posted) 

  • Realized Gains (manually posted) 

  • Revenue (manually posted) 

  • Unrealized Gains (manually posted)