Objective: To provide overview of onboardingprocess, including review of New Client Questionnaire to identify items that may require additional time or resources to set up.  Review data load template in detail and determine which fields correspond to client spreadsheets/current tracking method.  Review client timeline for returning template.


10 minutes: Introductions and Overview of onboardingsteps and timeline

  • Review timeline example
  • Communicate any deadline dates
  • Identify all people that will be involved and their role in the onboarding


30 minutes: Review of previously submitted New Client Questionnaire

  • Review all questions on questionnaire
  • Confirm spending policies (distributions)
  • Discuss Client current systems & endowment management policies.


30 minutes: Overview of Data Load Template(s)

  • Overview of completion requirements of templates
  • Discuss process for loading historical data/transactions if needed
  • Confirm next steps


10 minutes: Timing Discussion

  • Determine expected completion date for data load templates
  • Discuss timeline for remainder of implementation
  • Wrap up and client questions