Summary: This deployment includes enhancements to the User Interface (UI), many of which were based on client feedback. 

New Spending Report!

The Spending Rule Change History report received an upgrade. This report is now compatible with our upgraded spending interface. The report displays any changes to your spending rule setup, including allocation date and posting frequency. The top level report displays what user made changes and when, along with a drill down report that shows additional spending parameters that were modified. The drill down report is shown below.

              Fundriver location: Report --> Audit Logs --> Spending Rule Change History Report


Rounding Feature for Spending

Would you like your estimated spend (distribution) to round to the nearest $1, $10, $25 or $100? This is an easy adjustment now in Fundriver! Reach out to to have your spending adjusted. Spending will be adjusted on standard spending reports* as well as when users post distributions in Fundriver. All spending rules will be impacted across the database for rounding. 

*Clients with custom spending rules may require additional billable work

Even More on Spending

We've seen an increased use among clients setting up expenses as spending rules. You can now setup a spending rule and have the transaction post as an expense instead of a traditional distribution transaction type. To learn more reach out to

              Fundriver location: Organize --> Spending Rules --> Transaction Type*

*Only applicable for clients on the new spending interface

Reinvest Threshold

When a reinvest threshold is set to $0.00 on the Fund Profile page, the zero-dollar value will populate in the reinvest threshold box. Previously if a dollar amount of zero was present, the reinvest threshold box would display a blank.

              Fundriver location: Organize --> Funds --> Fund Profile --> Distribution Account

Administrative Fees Update

Previously closed and merged funds were not visible on the assign fee schedule. Non-open funds (closed, pending closure and merged) are now visible at the top of the funds list and can be easily unassigned from a fee schedule. The "Assess Fees" function only calculates for funds that are OPEN. More information on the assess fees functionality can be found here.

              Fundriver location: Organize --> Fees --> Assign Schedule tab


Password Access Settings

The number of days to require a password change setting has been moved from the Account Settings page to the Users page. A numerical value must be populated in the password box.

             Fundriver location: Support / Settings --> Users


Updated Account Settings

This page is now visible to all Fundriver users. Previously this page was restricted to Client Administrators. System lock date has been added to the account settings. The activity processing table is unique to each database. All transactions that are available to post within the database are listed and include how each transaction impacts: Historical Gift, Book Value and  Market Value. Transaction table also displays how units or unit price are impacted as well as the cash impact.

The message: *These settings apply to pooled allocation activity onlyrefers to when earnings are allocated across the pool during the normal posting process. If earnings are entered under the Activity > Investment Activity screen, unit price is changed. However if earnings are entered manually under Activity > Transaction Entry, units are adjusted.

              Fundriver location: Support / Setting --> Account Settings


Support Hours

Ever wonder when our help desk is open? Refer to the Online Help section to see current help desk hours.

              Fundriver location: Support / Setting --> Online Help

Multiple Browsers

It is not recommended to have more than one internet browser of Fundriver open at the same time. Having the program open and being actively used in two windows may cause information to post inadvertently. Fundriver will now display an error within the fund profile page to prevent users from reassigning an endowment fund (that has activity) to a different investment pool;


Client will have to contact support to reassigned investment pools. 

              Fundriver location: Organize --> Funds --> Fund Profile

Expendable Fund History

Just like your endowment fund history, expendable funds will display all history since inception in Fundriver. Previously this screen was only showing ending balances for periods where activity occurred. New to Expendable funds? Check out this overview article to learn more.

              Fundriver location: Organize --> Expendable Funds --> Fund History tab


Expendable Funds and Awards

Within the awards module, expendable funds are now searchable. In addition, you can post awards to your expendable funds. For more information on our awards module, see this article.

              Fundriver location: Awards/Recipients --> Awards/Search

Expendable Funds and Reports

Expendable funds are now included in the Award Recipient Report. Expendable fund name and GLID will appear on the report. Previously expendable funds were shown as "-" on this report.

              Fundriver location: Report --> Award --> Award Recipient Report

Speaking of Awards...

Asterisks (*) have been added to BOTH the Awards page and Recipients page for ease of use. Asterisks dictate which fields are required fields in Fundriver when setting up new accounts.

              Fundriver location: Awards/Recipients--> Awards

              Fundriver location: Awards/Recipients--> Recipients

*Effective 11/1/2021- Award Module is no longer being offered as an add on module. If you are interested in learning more about how Fundriver can help you track scholarship awards and recipients, please click here to learn about Fundriver Impact*

Donor Report Descriptions

Did you know you can run our standard donor report for ALL funds? No need to run reports one fund at a time. The Donor report description has been updated with new guidance:


              Fundriver location: Report --> Stewardship --> Donor Report

Updated Logo

Fundriver has a new logo that was applied across the board to all platforms: