Release date: May 14, 2021.

Summary: This deployment includes enhancements to the Multi-Factor Authentication, added reports as well as other site improvements.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Updates

Our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process was previously changed on January 9, 2021 (see Q1 2021 release notes here). Changes this quarter remove any case sensitivity when a user enters their multifactor answer for email (both primary and secondary email). 

New Report!

Some clients were missing out on our Fund Documents Report. This has been rectified with this deployment. All clients now have the Fund Documents Report published in their Other report folder. This report provides a listing of documents that have been uploaded to Funds. 

Expendable Funds and User-Defined Reports

The Profile Data source within the User-Defined Reporting (UDR) tool has been updated to pull in Expendable Funds. Both your Endowed Funds and Expendable Funds can live on the same UDR! If you are using the Profile Data source and do not wish to include Expendable Funds within a UDR, a filter needs to be added  to exclude Expendable Funds. 

Department Site Settings

Clients can enter text that exceeds 500 characters in the Home Message Box. There is no character limit in this field. 

Fundriver location: Support/Settings --> Department User ---> Access Settings (tab) --> Department Site Settings

Text Changes

Percent of Income and Percent Average spending rules now display "Annual % To Distribute" in the spending calculation parameter setup. 

Location: Organize --> Spending Rules


Updated wording within the Utilities feature; "Use Values As of". Previous text read Market Value As of.