Release Date: June 8, 2021

Summary: This deployment includes new and enhanced reports.

New Summary Report!

All clients have a new report available to them in their Summary report folder. The report is titled Comprehensive Endowment Fund History. This report shows balances on a per endowment fund basis for the date range selected. Data includes Historical Gift, Market Value, Units, Income, Realized Gains, Unrealized Gains, Investment Fees, Book Value, Pledge Balance, Spending Bucket Balance and Non-Unitized Asset balances.

Sample Uses: If report is run for three months, there will be three lines per fund, one for each post period (assuming client posts monthly). This gives the user the flexibility to run for just one period or for a range. If user wants to run for one post date, they will have to select the beginning month as the month before the post date. Example: 5/31 - 6/30 will only pull in 6/30 data. 

Fundriver Location: Report > Summary > Comprehensive Endowment Fund History


Updates to Estimated Spending Report with Column Grouping & Drill Down

The "Drill Down" report (accessed by selecting any blue text in the Estimated Sending Report) has been updated to show the Number of Periods (*Available Periods). The periods available will return periods where Market Value is greater than $0.00. Previously the number of periods would default to the spending rule setup Periods for Average (i.e., average 20 quarters). The Average Value calculation has always been accurate, but the Number of Periods did not reflect the correct number if a fund had less than the periods for average parameter and the organization chooses to average available periods as opposed to fixed periods. When the average of fixed periods box is selected, Fundriver would add zeros for the periods where no value is available, and the Number of Periods would coincide with the Periods for Average. 

Fundriver Location: Report > Spending > Estimated Spending Report (with Column Grouping and Drill Down)


User-Defined Reports; Data Source Update

The data source of Activity Summary and Transactions has three new fields added:

  1. Beginning MV Less HG
  2. Ending MV Less HG
  3. Business Office Notes

User-Defined Reports (UDRs) put you in control! UDRs allow users to build their own custom reports and choose which fields to display. To see a complete listing of all available data sources please see THIS article.

Fundriver Location: Report > User-Defined Reports