Welcome to Fundriver! We are so excited to have you join our fabulous community! We are eager to show you around and get you all set up with your new database! As you move along on your Fundriver journey (from onboarding to support), we have tried our best to create a useful Knowledge Base to help guide you seamlessly through our process.

Accessing our Knowledge Base 

From anywhere: 

Users can access the Fundriver Knowledge Base from anywhere using this link (and we highly recommend bookmarking it for easy reference!): https://fundriverhelp.freshdesk.com/support/home

From your database:

Once users are logged into their database, there are a few different ways to access the Fundriver Knowledge Base.


  • Under Helpful Links on the Home page, users can click the Fundriver Knowledge Base link
  • From any page in the database, users can click Help directly above their name to be directed to the Knowledge Base
  • Under Support/Settings > Online Help there is a link to Search the Knowledge Base


Onboarding Knowledge Base Section

To assist with the Onboarding process, and help you to get familiar with our process and your new database, we urge you to start with the Getting Started with Fundriver section (located half-way down within our Knowledge Base, following the News, Training, and Updates! section). Created with new users in mind, this section is comprised of four (4) subsections to help you gain confidence as you set up and work within your new database:

Onboarding Process

An overview of our onboarding process and the best place to begin your Knowledge Base journey if you are just starting your implementation.


Getting to Know Your Fundriver database

How to get familiar with your new Fundriver database and learn the basics of how it works.


Endowment Resource Center

Articles focused on what endowments are, providing the basic foundation of how they work, and common terminology used while working with them.


Modules & Add-ons

Available modules/services for our clients, along with instructions to guide you through each one. 

If there is ever a topic that you would like us to expand upon, or that doesn’t currently exist within our Knowledge Base and you think it would be beneficial to add, please feel free to reach out to us and share your thoughts at support@fundriver.com.