Release Date: November 9, 2021

Summary: This deployment includes updates to Estimated Spending Reports and Estimated Spending UDR Data Sources.


Reports > Spending > Estimated Spending Reports > Additional Flag

We added a new flag “Fixed distribution rule does not match estimated spending calculation" to notify clients when a fixed spend amount is greater than the calculated spend amount.    

Reports > Spending > Estimated Spending Report (with Column Grouping and Drill Down)

Updated label that previously read “Total Pool distribution Amount” when % average of the fund was selected rule.  Removed “Pool” from label.Application, table, Excel

Description automatically generated


User Defined Reports > Estimated Spending Report Data Source Additions

We have added the following fields to the Estimated Spending Report Data Source:

  1. Units as of post date selected when report is generated 
  2. Average MV as of allocation date in the spending rule setup (will only populate for clients with Percent Average V1 and V2 spending rules) 
  3. Spending Bucket Balance – as of post date selected when the report is generated 
  4. Reinvest Type - This field shows whether the threshold looks at Historical Gift (default) or Market Value before allowing the fund to distribute