Are you wondering how the Balance upgrade will impact you and your organization...and when? Fear not! We are launching a communication campaign to keep our Balance users informed of timelines, migration plans, and how to get support and training they need to successfully migrate to the new version of Balance.

In Q1 2023 we will be officially beginning the migration process. The first group moving to the new interface are those who have volunteered to be "early adopters". Everyone else will begin migration throughout 2023, and we will reach out to you with plenty of notice before making the switch!

A few FAQs about changing the Balance platform:

Q:  Will I lose any of the functionality I count on for my day-to-day workflow?
A: Nope! This rebuild is about improving usability and updating the look of our user interface. The functionality you know and love will not be going away.

Q:  How can I trust that all of my data is the same in the new version of Balance as in the old?
A: We are not touching your data at all! Both versions draw from the same underlaying data, so its really just the look and feel that are changing. To help build familiarity and comfort, your original Balance instance will be available as a 'read only' reference for a period of time after you are switched over.

Q:  How will I know how to use the new version of Balance?
A: We are hard at work building out articles, videos, and in-application messaging to help you navigate the new version of Balance with ease! We will also be continuing to host Balance Feedback sessions throughout this transition to help people get comfortable with the new menu structures. Check out our past sessions for more information on what we've talked about to date!

Stay tuned for more information in upcoming newsletters and email communications. If you have any questions in the interim, please send them our way!