May 2018: Non-Pooled Transfer Transaction Type Re-Label

  • Relabeled the Non-Pooled Transfer transaction type to 'Non-Unitized Asset Transfer' to accommodate our new Expendable Funds Module 

  • New options for spending parameters and an estimated spending report that shows a proof of the distribution calculation for each fund. Click here for more information on the upgrades to our spending interface and reports.

  • Clients implemented prior to Feb. 2018 will need to have their spending reviewed prior to upgrading. Contact support if you would like to get on our spending interface upgrade waiting list.

  • The deployment included an update to the net asset classification configuration and new reports. For more information on this update, please read the following article.

  • New reports will need to be published using the UDR tool.  See this article for details.

  • Clients with non-standard net asset classifications will need to contact Fundriver Support to assist with set up.