Objective: To provide overview of how to navigate the Fundriver software and explore basic site administration (setting up users, etc.), as well as discuss potential customization needs (spending/fees/reporting) and activity processing (GL import/export configuration) and list of items for client to gather for First Posting.


5 minutes: Welcome and overview of Walkthrough meeting

30 minutes: Review of setup information

  • General training on use of Fundriver
  • Overview of how data is organized
  • Discuss fields that can be customized


15 minutes: Setup of spending and/or administrative fee rules

  • Complete setup of spending rules (or determine customization required)
  • Complete setup of administrative fee rules
  • Run estimated spending (and fee) reports to confirm calculations are working as expected


20 minutes: Overview of periodic (monthly/quarterly/etc.) posting process

  • Review options for entering fund transaction data and investment activity
  • Determine best process for client's use
  • Discuss plan to get first period's data entered to Fundriver


10 minutes: Review of available reports

  • Run/discuss audit endowment footnote reports
  • Run/discuss Market Values and Historical Gift report
  • Demonstrate User Defined Reporting tool