Below are the steps necessary to post, reconcile and close a period in Fundriver. 

1. Add new funds; if a donor establishes a new endowment fund for your current open period, you must first add the fund in Fundriver. Once the fund is established in Fundriver, you can add transactions (such as your new donor gift) to the fund. Click here for instruction on how to add a fund. 

2. Create spending distributions (if applicable); if you need to apply spending to your endowment to reduce fund values, you will need to create a distribution or add distribution transactions manually. Instructions on how to post distributions can be found here

3. Enter gifts and other transactions; apply any new gifts, transfers and fees to your pool. Instructions can be found here

4. Post and reconcile investment activity; you will need to populate the investment activity for the open period you are working in, using numbers from your investment manager statement(s). Instructions can be found here. 

5. Report Results; once a period is closed in Fundriver, you can run a whole suite of reports. To view commonly asked questions regarding reports click here.