Release Date: May 21, 2022

Summary: This release deployed a new bulk import type to all databases, updated pledge reporting on ASU reports, and more!


Prevent Multiple Browser Sessions

We have turned off the ability for clients to have multiple Fundriver Balance sessions open in the same browser.  Clients are still able to have multiple instances open in different browsers.  

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NEW Bulk Import Type 

We've added a new bulk import type. Learn all about the Investment Pool Bulk Import process here!

ASU Report Changes to include Pledges 

This update only impacts clients who use Fundriver to track pledges. 


In response to NACUBO's recommendations to include pledges in the endowment footnote, Fundriver updated our ASU report offerings. With these updates, our ASU reports and related user-defined report data sources will reflect both pledge activity and pledge balances. The report list is as follows:

  1. ASU Underwater Endowment Report, including Pledges  
  2. Endowment Net Asset Rollforward by GLID, including pledges 
  3. Restriction Summary Plus Pledges (ASU 2016-14) 
  4. Restriction Balances Report Plus Pledges for ASU 2016-14 
  5. Endowment Net Asset Composition by Type of Fund Plus Pledges 
  6. Change in Endowment Net Assets Plus Pledges (ASU 2016-14) 

Note: Older versions are available upon request. Please reach out to support.