July 2022 – Release Notes


Release Date:  July 9, 2022

Summary:  This release addresses confusion over the May 2022 release with updates to the ASU Reports that include pledges.  Release notes found here.


Unhide the original ASU Reports that previously excluded pledges

In the May 2022 release, Fundriver Balance published 6 new reports that were built to include pledge balances for our clients that use Balance to track pledge balances.  The previous reports were hidden but were still available upon request.  We have unhid and renamed these reports to be clear that they exclude pledge balances.

  • Change in Endowment Net Assets Excluding Pledges (ASU 2016-14)
  • Endowment Net Asset Composition by Type of Fund Excluding Pledges
  • Restriction Balances Report Excluding Pledges for ASU 2016-14
  • Restriction Summary Excluding Pledges(ASU 2016-14)

For additional information on Pledges and ASU 2016-14 Reports in Balance, see this article.