The Investment Portfolio Module was designed to assist clients that need to organize and reconcile multiple investment statements. This article will illustrate how the income earned by the investment managers gets allocated among the individual funds.

If you subscribe to our Investment Portfolio Module, income will be entered to individual investment managers. This income is taken directly from your investment statements. You would enter interest/dividends, realized and unrealized gains/losses, fees, any capital commitments as well as return of capital and other cash flow items. See this article for more information on how to enter investment activity in Fundriver. 

Once the income is entered, you can reconcile your pool and close the period. Once a period is closed in Fundriver, then earnings are allocated among the individual named funds (i.e. your Scholarship funds). Each fund is assigned units in the pool. Based on the units owned, determines that fund’s allocation of earnings.

Below is an example of TWO separate pools in Fundriver. Each pool has its own set of investment managers. A user would enter the investment detail on the left side under Manager Level Detail. Once the period is closed in Fundriver, earnings are then allocated to the funds on the right side, under Pool Level Detail. The total market value of the investment managers agrees to the total market value of the individual named funds.