Welcome to Fundriver! Below we have compiled a list of articles and videos to help users get acquainted with the software and feel confident using Fundriver. 

Don't forget your Fundriver support package includes unlimited access to a team of endowment accounting experts for assistance with using Fundriver and troubleshooting software issues. Should you need additional help please contact support@fundriver.com. In additional we offer a series of FREE self guided videos to help users become better acquainted with Fundriver. Check out our video series HERE. 


Overview/Module Overviews

Support Overview and Additional Services

Investment Portfolio Module - Ability to Track Investment Detail by Manage

New Department Module Overview

Expendable Funds Module Overview

How Do I Add a User In Fundriver?


How Do I Add a Fund?

How Do I Add Fund Category (Populate Fund Profile Drop Downs)

How Do I Deactivate/Close a Fund?

How Do I Merge Funds in Fundriver?

Adding/Changing Funds in Bulk

How Do I Attach Documentation to a Fund?

Transactions and Posting

How Do I Enter Transaction Activity in Fundriver?

How Transactions Impact Historical Gift, Book Value and Market Value

How Do I Edit or Delete Transactions in Fundriver?

Correcting Gifts Entered Incorrectly

How Do I Export Transactions Into Excel?

How Do I Reopen a Period?

Fees: Creating and Assessing Fees

How Do I Post and Reconcile by Pool?

Overview: Using Due To/Due From in Fundriver

Reference Guides

Transaction Type Guide 

Expendable Funds Transaction Type Guide

Fundriver's Glossary of Commonly Used Terms and Expressions

Checklist for Posting Transactions and Investment Activity


New Spending Interface Overview

What are the Differences Between the New Spending Interface and the Old Spending Interface?

How Do I Set Up a Spending Rule? (New Spending Interface)

How Do I Set Up Distribution Rules?

Spending Bucket Function

How Do I Create Income/Spending Distributions? (New Spending Interface)


How Do I Run Reports in Fundriver?

User Defined Reporting Tool

Manage Filters Feature

Investment Portfolio Module (Add-On Not Applicable to All Users)

How Do I Post and Reconcile Investment Activity with the Investment Portfolio Module

How Do I Upload the Investment Manager Template?

How Do I Add a New Investment Manager to a Pool?